Day 1: Jojo Graham and Afshan Tafler

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Jojo is not only an expert in Business, having a degree in Business Management and more than 4 years Business experience in Coaching, Mentoring, Event Planning, and Marketing, she is also a Mum to her 3-year-old son Noah.

In just 1 year JoJo created a 6 figure Business by going all in to support Women around the world grow and scale business using her expertise. She is now on a mission to inspire and empower as many women as she possibly can to do what they love, create a life of freedom and give them permission to be successful. Her aim is to help 1 million women change their lives and business by the year 2025 using simple but effective strategies.

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In this Ebook you will learn:

  • What it means to be a conscious parent for a sensitive and spirited child
  • Why it’s important to embrace conscious parenting in the world we live in
  • today with the rise of sensitive children and the dynamics at play that are affecting them
  • How to become more conscious of what’s blocking you from feeling more acceptance, ease and joy as a parent of a high needs child
  • How your journey to conscious parenting is really about your journey to your own inner healing and becoming your most authentic and best you
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Afshan Tafler is a Whole Life Coach who helps you discover your power to transform your health and your life by healing all parts of you – Mind, Body and Soul. Through a combination of Mind-Body Coaching and transformational, scientifically proven energy psychology techniques, her expertise is to help you reprogram your mind and body for optimal health.

Afshan is also a mom to a special needs child and is a proponent of Conscious Parenting. She was featured on the Mindful World Parenting Summit, the Beyond Parenthood Summit and the Thriving Children Summit and is passionate about helping parents with sensitive and spirited children to thrive in their relationship with their child.

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