Day 11 - Dr. Phyllis Books and Judy Julin

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Dr Books is a pioneer in the body's role in learning and behavior. She is a neuroscientist, author, doctor, grandmother and "wise elder"/mentor to many. After 3 decades of helping children with dyslexia, ADHD and various neurosensory processing issues, allergies, chemical and brain imbalances...she is a walking encyclopedia.  She has written, Reversing Dyslexia: How to improve learning and behavior without drugs; has developed an online program for parents and professional programs for people who want to learn her trademarked techniques.She has awards from her alma mater for her international contributions to her field; she has helped politicians, movie stars, children and adults of every color, race, economic level.. and says she keeps learning from her patients everyday. And she wants to start a revolution of moms holding hands around the world to help children everywhere live their best lives.

Judy Julin is redefining the way the world learns, plays, parents & works together. The future of education and family planning is exposing people to the power they possess within.

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