Day 12 - Ana & Rok Bertoncelj and Dani Vanegas

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Ana Bertoncelj, MSc, psychotherapist, and Imago therapist has been helping parents raise their children lovingly without yelling, punishment, and bribing. She is the author of the Facebook page Loving Mom, where she is sharing the principles of loving parenting and how to raise resilient, self-confident, and compassionate children. These principles are based on the latest knowledge about brain development and the nervous system. In the past, she worked with individuals, couples, and groups, but when she became a mother, she devoted her time and energy to share her knowledge and support with parents, especially mothers. She is also very passionate about how to help children and moms resolved emotional wounds and traumas.

Rok Bertoncelj, MSc, has formerly been one of the top financial experts, but after the boys were born, he found it increasingly hard to balance both professional and family life. He helped Ana establish the Loving Mom community, the strategy behind the popular membership site she runs, the funnels, and all the back-end processes too. After reaching the critical point, he left the corporate world and switched full time to online business creation, helping entrepreneurs turn their passion into their dream online business.

Dani Vanegas, with 11 years of experience in network marketing, is a well-established business woman, who is also known for having strong leadership with an important base in the vocation of service.

This is one of the characteristics for which she was nominated to the Ambassadors Of Network Marketing Hall of Fame in 2018. Dani has also participated in different events such as the European Direct Sales Conference for Business From Home and the annual ANMP event.

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