Day 7 - Tibor Nagy and Christine Michelle

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Tibor Nagy is a former architect turned lifestyle entrepreneur, who after following the conventional path of society for more than a decade – go to university, get a degree, get a good job, climb the ladder, save money and retire  – decided to think outside the box instead of trying to fit into that. 

He is a dedicated Mindset & Performance Coach, certified as an Erickson Professional Coach, mostly fascinated by the human mind and its potential. Driven by a vision to make the world a better place he founded Mindset Horizon to support aspiring purpose-driven entrepreneurs, visionaries, and changemakers to transform their mindsets, realize their full potential and execute on their dreams. The company fosters this transformation by providing coaching services and creating a personal development space and community so these people can stretch their minds and expand their horizons

To make an even bigger impact and inspire the masses he decided to create his own interview show - called The Mindset Horizon Podcast, launching in September 2019 - where he interviews visionaries and changemakers who reveal their secrets of what it takes to have a disruptive mindset, pursue a passion, and live a meaningful life with purpose.

Tibor truly believes that any transformation begins with a mindset shift. A disruptive idea that helps you question your old beliefs and create new ones that can take you to places where you have never been to before. His mission is to help people cultivate the mindset of possibilities because there is always a way to make sh*t happen!

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Christine Michelle is the CEO, Founder, and creator of the growing personal development and inspirational brand The AlignedSoul by ana-hob. Christine is known as the Vibration Lifter and the Energy Shifter. She effortlessly combines the woo-woo-spiritual and the do-practical to help her clients create TOTAL LIVES they absolutely love including manifesting financial abundance, business success, powerful intimate relationships, healthy sexy bodies and more.

After obtaining her BSM, MBA and creating a successful 20-year corporate career with some of the world's most recognized brands, Christine left it all to focus on helping others reach their full potentials, take their lives to the next level and manifest realities better than they could imagine.  Since creating The AlignedSoul, Christine's business has exploded. She is a published author of the book The Aligned Receiver and her blog at is helping to change the world and reaching thousands of souls daily. Known as the journaling queen, her premier course Journal Manifest Win has changed countless lives and continues to impact even more showing them that they can Manifest using their written word and it can be easier than they could ever imagine. 

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