Day 9 - Olivia Crane and Karen Trepte

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Olivia is a multi level marketing business coach with a skincare company currently ranked #1 in North America. She consistently places within the top 2% of high sales achievers. 

Prior to being introduced to Network Marketing, Olivia was a successful Account Manager with two Fortune 500 companies. Since leaving the corporate grind to pursue her own dreams, Olivia has established two other thriving business ventures in her field of interest and education. Intrinsically motivated to create time freedom and passive income for herself, Olivia has encouraged others to explore alternate income opportunities and supported them along the way.

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"I was born into the world of finance and have loved finance since I was about 5 years old.

When I was in the first grade my father opened a Merrill Lynch office in Tokyo. I built my first house at 21 years old and have been investing in multiple properties ever since.

I started my MBA in my twenties but then had young children and a family so finished my MBA in my fifties along with a Masters in Asia Pacific Studies and studying for several years at the College of Financial Planning.

My mission is to make finances (managing, investing, and saving your money) simple, profitable, safe, and secure for you." - Karen Trepte

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