Caroline Strawson

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Caroline Strawson is one of the first accredited Divorce Coaches in the UK and she specialises in narcissistic abuse recovery. She is a number one best selling author of Divorce Became My Superpower. Caroline specialises in narcissistic abuse recovery using rapid transformational therapy and positive psychology which form part of her three step step signature healing and recovery system called The PLANA Programme (Positive Life After Narcissistic Abuse) People are not in a narcissistic relationship by chance and Caroline will regress her clients back to childhood where these belief systems were formed of not being good enough to create new ones and accelerate the healing process. She helps her clients with everyday strategies with communication and positive parenting and helps them implement extreme modified contact and parallel parenting techniques. Caroline's mission is to help clients not just bounce back, but bounce forward and she uses Positive Psychology and the 6 pillars of happiness to create a blueprint that her clients can utilise to move forward to thrive and flourish after narcissistic abuse. Caroline uses her experience from her own divorce where she had over £70,000 of debt and her family home repossessed and she was diagnosed with PTSD and suffered with depression, anxiety and self harm. She uses her own darkness that she went through to bring light to others. She is on a personal mission to raise awareness of this insidious form of emotional abuse and wants to help others through the trauma of divorce and breakup after narcissistic abuse. She has spoken in large arenas of over 3000 people sharing her personal story to inspire others and has appeared in national magazines, radio and newspapers. She is building a name for herself in the Divorce Coaching world as an expert in her field of narcissistic abuse. She has a vibrant Divorce and Breakup Support After Narcissistic Abuse Group for Women on Facebook with over 3500 women in where she gives free advice, tips and a heavy dose of positivity in a safe, private and secure environment. Caroline can help with deciding whether to leave a toxic relationship, minimising impact on the children, creating new boundaries all the way through to dating again and finding your ideal partner. Caroline won Best New Business 2018 at the National Business Women’s Awards. She volunteers at her local domestic abuse charity giving 2 days of her time a month to help coach those in need of help and runs a local meet up group called The Positive Divorce Club to enhance social connections for those going through this traumatic time with helping them with support, fun and new friendships.